South Australian Tourism Reports

The latest fact-sheets and snapshots of tourism in South Australia, including:

  • international visitation (IVS) 

  • domestic visitation (NVS)

  • regional visitation

  • accommodation snapshot

  • economic impact

International Visitors to South Australia

IVS IVS report

The latest report of international visitors to South Australia.

Top points from the report:

  • The highlight has been the rise in expenditure of 12 per cent, to a record high $1.1 billion, above the national growth rate of 8.1 per cent.
  • Visits to South Australia have grown by 6.5 per cent to a record high 436,000.
  • Nights to South Australia have grown by 8.8 per cent to 10.6 million.
  • Chinese visits, nights and expenditure have all risen: visits up 48 per cent, nights up 78 per cent and expenditure up 49 per cent.
  • Education visits increased by 8.8 per cent. With the increase in Education visits, Education purpose expenditure has also grown, up 36 per cent.

Domestic Visitors to South Australia

NVS march ending NVS

The latest report of domestic visitors to/within SA.

Top points from the report:

  • Visitors, Nights and Expenditure are all above the national growth rate.
  • South Australia attracted 6.2 million Domestic Overnight Visitors, up 6.1 per cent.
  • There were 22.4 million Domestic Nights in South Australia, a rise of 6.3 per cent.
  • There were 13.3 million Day Trips to and within South Australia, up 12 per cent.
  • Total Domestic Expenditure in South Australia increased over the period to $5.4 billion, a rise of 14 per cent (driven by Day Trip Expenditure up 16 per cent).

At a glance

at a glance at a glance -

This fact sheet includes top level information which provides a snapshot of South Australia's position in the market.

Top points from the report:

  • In the year ending December 2016, visitor expenditure was $6.3 billion in South Australia.
  • In the 12 months ending December 2016, South Australian’s made 3.9 million visits within their own State, spending 11.4 million nights in South Australia.
  • Interstate markets generated 2.3 million visitors and 11.0 million visitor nights in South Australia.
  • South Australia attracted 432,000 International Visitors and 9.9 million International Visitor nights.
  • South Australia received around 6.6 million visitors and 32.2 million visitor nights.

Visits to regions

Visits to regions Visits to regions

This fact sheet provides overnight visitor numbers and visitor nights to South Australian regions.


Accommodation snapshot

Survey_of_Tourist_Accommodation Survey of Tourist Accommodation

The Survey of Tourist Accommodation by the Australian Bureau of Statistics includes data for Australian hotels, motels and serviced apartments with 15 rooms or more. This snapshot includes latest data on supply, demand, occupancy rates and takings.

Tourism's economic impact

Economic Benefit of the South Australian Tourism Industry 2014-15 Economic Benefit of the South Australian Tourism Industry 2014-15
This fact sheet provides estimates of the contribution of tourism to the economy based on the Tourism Satellite Account for South Australia.

About the research sources

Frequently_asked_questions Frequently asked questions


This fact sheet provides information about the sources of the statistics, how data is collected, what information is available and the impact of sampling variability.

State of the Industry

State of the industry Infographic State of the Industry - Infographic

This year’s State of the Industry report provides a series of highlights on each of the sectors that contribute to Australia’s tourism industry. The report reviews the record performance of the industry in 2014–15 and analyses key supply-side metrics. It also measures progress towards the industry’s Tourism 2020 —a national strategy to grow the tourism industry.

 Tourism Research Australia:

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