Restaurant Australia

A Tourism Australia campaign

Restaurant Australia is a great chance for South Australian tourism operators to be part of Tourism Australia’s push to market Australia as a great food, wine and beverage destination.

Restaurant Australia Restaurant Australia

The Restaurant Australia campaign was recently launched to much publicity, but there is still time for opreators to sign up to be involved in this campaign.

Registrations are now open (no cost) and Tourism Australia are looking for food and wine experiences with a focus on people, produce and place. Your business might excel in one of these, but hopefully has all three.

If you have a great story about your food and wine experience, and imagery to support it, Tourism Australia want to promote you. Operators of wineries, restaurants, cafes, tours, accommodation, events and festivals can do this by:

  • Submitting your food and wine experiences to the Restaurant Australia industry platform:
  • Promoting your amazing food, wine, beverage experiences using #restaurantaustralia on social media.

For more information, take a look at Tourism Australia’s Restaurant Australia campaign strategy.

You can also find out more on the Restaurant Australia website.

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